Amics del Museu Association

Under the auspices of the Association, all types of activities are promoted throughout the year. From October to June, we organize a monthly excursion to help people get to know the museums, collections, and heritage of the Balearic Islands, one of the objectives of this Association.

During the summer months, from July to September, we offer the Ciclo de las Musas , outdoor evening activities which invite people to use the museum as a cultural meeting ground. The inspiration for this cycle are the muses of classical antiquity which inform our various activities: theatre, dance, history, astronomy, poetry, etc.

For more information on these activities, consult the museum agenda.

  1. To promote awareness of the museums and collections in the Balearic Islands, among both the members of this association as well as the general public. To promote participation in the research and diffusion of our history and culture. To promote the preservation of our historical, cultural, and artistic heritage.
    1. To collaborate in the cultural activities and functions of the museums:
    2. The conservation, cataloguing, restoration, and exhibition of our collections

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NUMERARY MEMBERS: In order to join the Association as a member of full right, or numerary member, it is necessary to be a physical person, of legal age, to have the capacity to work, to identify with the aims of this Association, and to pay the stipulated membership fee.

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  1. Firsthand enjoyment of the activities carried out by the museum. Personal membership card.
  2. Personal membership card.
  3. Preference in the activities organized by Friends of the Museum.
  4. Discounts on the activities sponsored by the Association throughout the year.
  5. Free copy of the magazine MUSA , edited annually by the Manacor Museum of History.
  6. Discounts at the Manacor Museum of History shop, under the conditions established once the shop is in operation.

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