Type of members

NUMERARY MEMBERS: In order to join the Association as a member of full right, or numerary member, it is necessary to be a physical person, of legal age, to have the capacity to work, to identify with the aims of this Association, and to pay the stipulated membership fee.

PROTECTING MEMBERS: These members join the Association under the condition that, either as physical persons in an individual capacity or as representatives of a profit- making business or affiliation, they pay a special elevated fee or its equivalent value in donated objects of an archaeological, historical, or ethnological nature to the Manacor Museum of History. Alternately, they may obtain for this museum or its Association an efficient economic aid, either toward the improvement of facilities, services, and techniques or else in the form of increased endowments for the Manacor Museum of History.

Likewise, non-profit organizations may become members if they contribute in a capacity which, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, justifies the concession of this distinction. These businesses and affiliations will figure as single numerary members. Their individual affiliates or integrants must become members in their own right in order to enjoy the same advantages as the other members of the Association of the Manacor Museum of History. From the ranks of these businesses and affiliations, one physical person will be designated to represent them in the Association.

HONORARY MEMBERS: The General Assembly has the authority to appoint honorary members in accordance with the conditions, rights, and honours stipulated by the Assembly itself. Likewise, it falls to the General Assembly to stipulate the nature of affiliation both for Friends of the Museum and for the organizations and institutions requesting membership as well as the statute of membership. The refusal of admittance may be appealed before the General Assembly.