Manacor History Museum has a wide range of activities that intend to satisfy the needs and the curiosity of its visitors. For us, education is a tool to support the professionals of this sector. In this way, through the collections of the Museum it is expected to go deeper into those aspects which are given little relevance and that need to be tackled from a different point of view.

The workshops and visits we propose are activities preferably addressed to school groups. Therefore, we need teachers’ help to arouse pupils interest on the subject matter and to give them some introductory information beforehand. So, they can actively participate during the visit and make them reflect once the visit has come to its end.

Once the activity is finished, teachers receive an evaluation sheet to know how the content has been assimilated and how interesting this experience has been to them.

To request any of the activities you should fill the form in this section. We hope you enjoy these activities!