The MUSA magazine

The magazine MUSA came into being during Book Week 2004 in the hopes of providing a reference for all readers interested in the subjects of museology, heritage, restoration, ethnology, and traditional culture. With its many different features, it endeavours to foster a specific set of values and to work toward preserving and making known both the material and the nonmaterial culture that comprises our legacy. The magazine arose from the need to bring to light the issues which concern the communities of eastern Majorca, with a special emphasis on Manacor, although we feel that many of the questions we raise are common to the Balearics as a whole.

It has been agreed that the magazine will come out annually.

We have drawn up a preliminary table of contents as follows:

  1. Editorial.
  2. Feature articles.
  3. Report on the annual activities of the museum.
  4. Review.
  5. Bibliography.
  6. Museums on the Internet.
  7. Restoration workshop.

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