Association goals

  1. To promote awareness of the museums and collections in the Balearic Islands, among both the members of this association as well as the general public. To promote participation in the research and diffusion of our history and culture. To promote the preservation of our historical, cultural, and artistic heritage.
    1. To collaborate in the cultural activities and functions of the museums:
    2. The conservation, cataloguing, restoration, and exhibition of our collections
    3. Research into our collections and into our historical heritage, primarily in relation to Manacor and the eastern area of Majorca
    4. The periodic organization of scientific and general-interest exhibitions
    5. The preparation and publication of catalogues and monographs
    6. The development of didactic activities relating to specific subject matter (monographic courses, additional training, guides, etc.)
    7. Any other function which is in accordance with the norms and legal provisions regulating museums (conferences, concerts, films, recitals, visits, trips, monographic exhibitions, etc.)
  2. To foster, to the degree possible, awareness and conservation, and to strengthen funding for the museum.
  3. To promote, to the best of our ability, those scientific and cultural activities which are natural and fitting to the Manacor Museum of History and its different departments so as to make it a living centre, integrated within island society and open to participation.