Talayotic pop-up

Workshop run by Aldarq for Manacor History Museum.


For one day we have frozen the time machine to relive a moment of prehistoric life on Mallorca. We will reconstruct a scene characteristic of the Talayotic world, which means going back to approximately 1,000 years before our era began.

We will discover agricultural and livestock farming societies. Consequently, people have daily tasks to perform. They obtain flour from growing cereals. They have cows and oxen to help them with loading and construction tasks. They use ceramic pots for storage purposes and they also make wicker or esparto baskets.

Finally, their homes are made of stone and covered in straw and wooden beams. In this case, the house is attached to the circular-based talayot, one of the characteristic features of this period that lent it its name. Welcome to the Talayotic world.

Materials needed:

    • Attached document with a template of the scene (the drawings are by Aina Bestard).

    • Colouring pens or paint.

    • Scissors.

    • Imagination to travel back in time and to decorate the scene.

Steps to follow:

  1. Print the template.
  2. Colour in the drawing.
  3. Cut along the red lines using scissors.
  4. Fold the four cut-out moments. Instead of two-dimensional figures we now have three-dimensional ones that have come to life.
  5. Once you’ve finished the scene, you can write what you have imagined in a story or add characters you draw yourself based on what you know about Mallorca's prehistory.
  6. We will gather together all the best scenes and publish them on the museum’s social media accounts. You can send them to us by email: museu@manacor.org.